Supporting Health and Wellness in our Community
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2016 Recipients

Albrecht Free Clinic – Healthy Smiles Change Lives (Access to Care/Navigation)
The Albrecht Free Clinic provides medical, behavioral and dental services for eligible individuals who are underinsured, uninsured or otherwise unable to afford and access medical care. Healthy oral hygiene and dental care has been identified by the Albrecht Free Clinic as a major emerging community health need of local communities. Funds will support three types of dental care: emergency care, basic restorative and oral hygiene and education. This support will allow the clinic to address dental health for the uninsured and underinsured in Washington County.
Amount awarded: $58,100

Boys & Girls Club of Washington County – Healthy Choices Initiative (Chronic Disease and Prevention)
The Boys & Girls Club serves youth ages 6-17 years in Washington County and promotes character building experiences for children through social, educational and recreational experiences. With the change in the economy and the increasing risk that youth are facing with childhood obesity, the goal of this project is to improve the health and wellness of youth through proper nutrition, education and a positive influence regarding diet and exercise. Funds awarded will specifically provide 20,024 summer program meals at the West Bend, Jackson, Kewaskum and Hartford locations. This program is important to the at-risk youth throughout Washington County and will help to improve their health and provide education regarding proper nutrition.
Amount awarded: $30,000

Friends of Abused Families – Opening Doors Housing Program (Access to Care and Navigation/Injury & Violence)
Friends of Abused Families has provided over 35 years of service to Washington County and empowers and provides safety to those affected by domestic and sexual violence through support services and prevention education. The Opening Doors Housing Program supports three critical program areas including:

  1. Financial assistance for mental health assessment/treatment, substance abuse assessment, transportation, security deposit for rent assistance and utility assistance.
  2. Support for ongoing operational expenses for FRIENDS emergency shelter and 24 hour crisis intervention facility.
  3. Direct assistance for clients with educational, job training and childcare expenses.
Safe housing and access to 24-hour crisis intervention support are pivotal elements in helping an individual escape a violent relationship and gain access to mainstream resources to prevent further victimization for themselves and any children. Friends of Abused Families is the sole provider of housing and support services for individuals experiencing violence in their homes or relationships in Washington County.
Amount awarded: $25,000

Kettle Moraine YMCA – Wellness Programs (Chronic Disease Management)
The Kettle Moraine YMCA is committed to expanding their reach and impact in local communities throughout Washington County by making healthy living initiatives available at an affordable cost since cost is often a barrier for those dealing with health issues. Funds will be used to directly impact their Diabetes Prevention Program through classes, screenings and community programs. This year-long program engages adults who are overweight or pre-diabetic in a group lifestyle intervention to help avoid effects diabetes can have. Funds will support their LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program through classes, pre and post assessments and in supporting survivors. This is a 12-week program for adults with a current or past cancer diagnosis.
Amount awarded: $24,700

Interfaith Caregivers of Washington County – Senior Transportation Program (Access to Care/Navigation)
Interfaith Caregivers helps Washington County residents over the age of 60 with assistance to live safely in their own home. Support is provided to enable seniors to live and thrive in their homes and community by providing transportation to medical appointments, pharmacies, grocery stores/food pantries and exercise and wellness programs. When transportation barriers for seniors are removed, a senior’s access to healthcare and other vital services such as nutrition and wellness improve. Transportation expenses include volunteer recruitment and background checks, auto supplies, fuel, insurance, licensing, repairs/maintenance and software to track assisted rides. As the population of Washington County ages, providing support for these services is important so they do not increase to a point where the health of seniors is in jeopardy.
Amount awarded: $20,000

Senior Citizens Activities Inc. – Healthy Seniors Program (Chronic Disease Management/Prevention)
Senior Citizens Activities Inc. (SCAI) provides a purposeful place where senior adults can engage with their peers in meaningful and purposeful activities. The organization promotes healthy living styles, a strong sense of community and belonging to adults who are age 55 and beyond understanding that physical, emotional, and mental health affects one’s ability to successfully living independently longer. The goal of the Health and Wellness Program is to proactively address and improve senior health in four of the top six health issues in Washington County (physical activity, nutrition, chronic disease and injury). SCAI will provide age appropriate and evidence based interventions through exercise classes/programs, health workshops/screenings to seniors in Washington County.
Amount Awarded: $20,000

Casa Guadalupe Education Center – Healthy Latinos, Healthy Futures (Access to Care/Chronic Disease Management)
Casa Guadalupe is currently the only bilingual and bi-cultural community based non-profit organization serving Spanish speaking residents in Washington County. Latinos living in Washington County are the most likely group to not have a regular source of health care, resulting in low health literacy which affects the overall health of the community. Funds will support health seminars and programs, outreach initiatives and transportation needs to promote education about health screenings, diabetes prevention, active lifestyles and nutrition for adults and families.
Amount awarded: $15,000

Elevate, Inc. – Too Good for Drugs (Mental Health/Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse)
Elevate focuses on strengthening individuals and communities and to provide educational programming, awareness and prevention programs and assistance and supportive services aimed at reducing the risk for behavioral health issues and other high risk behaviors. Within seven months in 2016, Washington County has experienced 17 heroin and opiate overdose deaths. The best way to combat this issue is through early awareness and evidence based preventions. Funds will be used to implement Too Good for Drugs, which is recognized as a model program through the Federal Government’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), a research-based, skill-building prevention program in the West Bend School District at all five elementary schools at the fourth grade level. Ensuring youth have access to factual information regarding alcohol and drugs in their school setting remains critical for future safe and healthy decision making.
Amount Awarded: $15,000

Family Promise of Washington County – Homeless Health Services & Housing (Access to Care/Navigation and Mental Health/Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse)
Family Promise’s mission is to rebuild lives with compassion by providing resources and services that prevent and end homelessness for individuals and families. The funds requested will be used in coordinating health services and housing for the homeless through continuum of care provided by Family Promise. This will include the first call for help housing hotline, assessment, ongoing case management, and transitional housing. The goal of this program is to identify unaddressed behavior and physical health needs for homeless individuals, connect them to health services and ensure safe and stable housing while seeking appropriate services.
Amount awarded: $10,000

The Threshold – Having Fun Getting Fit (Chronic Disease Management/Prevention)
The Threshold has served Washington County for 53 years by providing rehabilitation services for children and adults with developmental and other disabilities. The Having Fun Getting Fit program will partner with the Kettle Moraine YMCA and offer three series of eight sessions focused on the basics of fitness and wellness for clients with significant physical challenges working at the Lawrence and Vivian Stockhausen Center and those seeking employment in the community. By providing the education and support to realize health and wellness can be fun, individuals can better advocate for themselves and their support networks to help create and sustain a healthy lifestyle going forward.
Amount awarded: $5,000

Total Awarded = $222,800